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Mission Statement

Inspiring, Innovative & Indomitable.

Our Journey Of Success Is Led By A Team Of Enthusiastic Professionals Who Are Titans Of Their Respective Fields With Over 50 Years Of Collective Experience, And Who Are Always Ready To Meet Challenges Head-On For Achieving The Best Results. Our Approach Of Conducting Business Is Based On Our Resolve To Consistently Maintain Quality, Value And Service, And Is Rooted In Every Aspect Of Our Work.

At Century Properties, We Have A Defining Culture Of Doing Things At An Unmatched Pace. We Are Not In Just Selling Real Estate But We Are More Focused In Creating A Bond With Our Clients That Lasts.

Our Business Approach Is Based On These Core Values:





Social Responsibility

Founded In 2005 

Century Properties Has Become One Of The Nation’s Leading Independent Real Estate Consultancies.  Mr. Zahid Tufail, CEO Century Properties, Believes That Building A Relationship On Trust Is Vital For The Prosperity Of The Business. Hence, He Has Inculcated These Qualities in His Team, To Act with Integrity and Care Whilst Catering the Client’s Unique Needs.

The CEO Personally Assesses the Progress Of Every Project At Century Properties Hitherto. Resultantly, Through His Deep Understanding Of The Real Estate Sector, Be It Emerging Or Established, He And His Team Have Thrived To Meet And Exceed The Property Goals Of Their Clients. 

Century Properties Has Grown Over the Years And Now Encompasses All The DHA’s Across Pakistan And Specific Projects In DHA Lahore Including Gold Crest. Century Properties, Through Its Consistent Efforts In The Real Estate Sector, Has Established Its Supremacy In Lahore, Jhelum, Islamabad And Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  

Group CEO

Zahid Tufail

Mr. Zahid Tufail Has Always Considered Himself As A Custodian Of Client’s Investments. He Has Never Associated Himself with Any of The Shady Projects Going on In Real Estate Market. Our Clients Tell Us How Happy They Are to Connect with Us. Be The Next One and Experience It Yourself.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We Are Poised To Change The Game In The Realm Of Real Estate. Our Momentous Dedication To Building Trust And Relationships Is Embedded In Our Vision To Provide Our Clients With The Best Advice Over The Long Term. We Envision Defining The Future By Taking Inspiration From The Past And Ensuring Transparency In The Process Throughout. We Are Passionate To Provide Our Overseas Community With Credible And Well-Informed Opinions That Can Assist Them In Making The Right Investments. In Doing So, We Aim To Become The Pioneers Of Real Estate Investments In Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our Mission It To Reimagine Real Estate In Order To Make It Easier For Our Clients To Unlock The Next Chapter Of Their Lives. We Seek To Provide Our Clients With Attractive Investment Opportunities That Will Reshape Their Future.

Our Partners

ERP Partners
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Sheikh and Chaudhri Chartered Accountants
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